Experience Worth Sharing – Limousine Ride

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The Limousine Ride

This past weekend I had an exciting adventure worth sharing that I recommend to anyone. It all started when I was at home and I wanted to go to a place where I can be to meditate, I didn’t mind going alone but I wanted to bring a group with me on this journey. So I called up a buddy of mine, he said “I know a great company that does limo rental services thats affordable.”

We had 7 people going with us including him and I but we wanted it to be a surprise for them we just had to make sure we had 7 people that meditated. It was 7 random people and they just thought we were going on a limo ride.

Hampton Roads Luxury LimosMy buddy and I, also the driver of course were the only three that truly knew where we were going. As we gathered our 7 individuals and drove about a good 40 miles from home we told them, “guys you’re in for the experience of a life time!” Some looked a little shock & worried and others began to look extremely excited.

I asked them so what do you think it will be?

A few “I have no idea” others said “I hope its a vacation” & 2 said “I don’t have a clue but I know you two seem like good people so I trust your decision.”

The Retreat

As we drove up North from Virginia the limousine stopped in Lenox, Massachusetts. Everyone in the limo eyes light up as if they were staring directly into the sun on June 21. Everyone couldn’t believe where they were.

My buddy and I couldn’t hold back the kool-aid smiles we held from everyones expression from where they were.

Then my buddy announced, “YES! We are at the Canyon Ranch!” Everyone began to clap and 1 guy smiled and thought to his self and asked, “this is amazing but I must ask, what are we doing here?”

I then begin to let him and the rest of the crew know this is where we will began a spiritual shift in our lives over the next 3 days. . .

Although at Canyon Ranch they have yoga & full-service spa treatments. We were they for 2 reason only and they were the intense visualization meditation and magnificent spiritual guidance.

My buddy and I covered the trip for everyone including food, drinks, rooms & more. Just to shift the lives of 7 random individuals and bring them closer and have a more clear understanding of what life is about.

While we were there e have serval people say they found there inner calling, some decided they wanted to give back to the world and some decided they were going to teach the youth how to connect with theirselves.

This had to be by far they most greatest experience I’ve ever had in my life. The reason I wanted to share it with you all is because my buddy  and I felt so great about what we have done and was proud we could take just 7 people that we are thinking about doing this every year and want to take those not only who mediate but are seeking to have a deeper spiritual connection.

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