The Experience For You?

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Do you believe we are all lead to the truth for which we are ready? How you can be watching something on TV but if you wasn’t ready for the messages, you literally brush over it like it was never said. It’s like that saying when the student is ready the teacher will appear.

I’ve come to let you know what you may read throughout this website you may literally brush over it if you aren’t ready for what’s about to be said.

This is a message for everyone but everyone will experience it differently. For some it will be an open of awareness, for others it may be an eye opener to their true calling, and I believe for most it will be an experience of finding the truth that lies within that everyone is afraid to admit.

Scared to admit because of parents, teachers, pastors, friends or just being judge. Being different from most & believing different from most. Well I want to tell you being different is Beautiful, if we were all the same life would be boring in my opinion and there would be no purpose for it.

Which is a topic we will touch on later so keep that in mind.

If this is your first post you’re reading on this site I want you to pause go over to the about page so you have an understanding of what this page is about and come back to continue reading…

Glad You Made It Back

Now that you know, yes we will be speaking about God we also will be speaking about life. Remember this will be spoken from a spiritual stand point not a religious.

If you’re we’re raised in a religious back ground but always felt it was incomplete or inaccurate you were right and I’m here to help you feel in the missing pieces.

I’m no one special I’m just like you a regular person that has a mind, soul, & body of the human flesh. We may be quite different once we start speaking on different topics and getting into the specifics but for now let’s stick to the basics.

I hope you receive great benefit from reading this. Do know some of this may not make sense at first but as you continue to read it will all come together.

Before we continue I wanna ask you something…

How does God talk??

. . .

And to who does God talk to??

Let’s find out here…