The Experience For You?

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Do you believe we are all lead to the truth for which we are ready? How you can be watching something on TV but if you wasn’t ready for the messages, you literally brush over it like it was never said. It’s like that saying when the student is ready the teacher will appear.

I’ve come to let you know what you may read throughout this website you may literally brush over it if you aren’t ready for what’s about to be said.

This is a message for everyone but everyone will experience it differently. For some it will be an open of awareness, for others it may be an eye opener to their true calling, and I believe for most it will be an experience of finding the truth that lies within that everyone is afraid to admit. Continue reading The Experience For You?


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Welcome guys! I just wanted to create my first post for today, there’s going to be tons to learn at RV Center. Check back tomorrow for more content, see you soon.